WHo we are


We are MAKERS based in the Chicago Area focused on the development of 3D PRINTING and SINTERING of METALS and CERAMICS.


We help our customers make REAL usable METAL and CERAMIC parts, not just prototypes, on any FDM Printer.

Create functional Metal and Ceramic parts, easily.

Our story

Sapphire3D focused on leveraging the existing installed base of desktop 3D Printing technology mainly used for plastics and prototypes, and carefully selected from the breadth of emerging 3D printing materials, to develop our capabilities for creating fully functional, end use parts. Today we can make functional, pure METAL and CERAMIC parts with limitless design features, on any FDM Printer.

what we do

DESIGN, PRINT, SINTER, SUPPORT. We offer a wide variety of services to get you started making METAL and CERAMIC parts.